Can we all agree that in the year 2021, children in New York State should be guaranteed a basic education?

New York’s education laws are outdated and unenforceable.

Did you know that some private schools in the state provide ZERO instruction in general studies, subjecting tens of thousands of children to severe educational neglect?


A child can attend such a school from kindergarten through high school and leave without receiving any instruction in basic subjects such as English, math, science, or social studies.

When graduates seek answers after leaving these schools with little to no general education, they are met with shrugs, finger-pointing and, if they are lucky, some feigned outrage and hollow promises for reform.

In the end, there is zero accountability. Nothing changes.

In the end, there
is zero accountability.

This is a travesty.


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An establishment that wants to feed New Yorkers (i.e. restaurants, caterers, etc) is subject to an unannounced inspection once every year. If they fail the inspection, they can face serious consequences, including closure.

An institution that wants to take the place of the state and educate New York’s children (i.e. a private and/or religious school) could go decades without a single inspection from an education authority. Ironically, health inspectors will come annually to make sure the food is up to par, but there is no concern about the education the children are receiving.

In fact, even if a concrete complaint is raised about the quality of education in a private school, it can take years before a single inspection will take place. And many more years after that for the problem to be fixed.

But that’s not all! Both prior to and after a complaint is lodged against such an institution, the school can continue to obtain millions of dollars in federal, state, and local funding for things like books, busing, attendance, immunizations, technology, breakfast and lunch, and much more.

Does this sound right to you?